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16x30 with 14x16 loft, shed dormer, 8x30 porch, pre-stained logs, finished inside with car siding on walls/ceiling, steel roof, wired with outlets/lights. $50,000


16x24, 16x12 loft, steel roof, chimney, 8x24 porch, unfinished log siding, car siding inside on walls/ceiling, exposed beams, steel roof, wired with outlets/lights. $45,000

16x40 with 2 lofts, 1 with a shed dormer, 8x40 wrap around porch, bathroom area (room only) car siding on walls/ceiling, wired with lights/outlets, steel roof. Pull down attic stairs to second loft. $55,000

20x24, small storage loft, prefinished log siding, steel roof, bathroom or bedroom area, second bedroom, car siding on walls/ceiling. $45,000
16x24 with one loft that has a double dormer, 8x32 wrap around porch, steel roof, finished inside with car siding on walls/ceiling, chimney, pre-stained log siding. Wired with outlets/lights. $48,500

All cabins are built and wired to WI. Uniform Dwelling code and inspected. You are guaranteed an occupancy permit when we are done. We offer a 1 year warranty for our working building the cabin, there is the manufactures warranty as well for things like the roof, windows, doors etc.
We require ½ down to get the project started. We will help with the filing of the building permit (with inspector) you will be required to pay the building inspector fees. You will also be required to bring electricity to the site if you want electricity. We can build with out electricity however there is an additional charge for the use of a generator ($500). We prefer electricity we can use and a flat surface. Quotes do not include plumbing or special light fixtures (you can purchase these and we can install them). Several windows (Crestline) 2 steel insulated doors, walls are 2x4 (2x6 can be done, additional charge for the lumber & additional insulation. We build with what is called a hot roof, no vents, exposed beams. Built on 6x6 treated posts set on cement footers.
 We can custom build for you, make about any changes you want.

Robin Babb 608-735-4391 or cell 608-553-4611 Thank you.